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At Snuggle Blankets, we believe that every moment is worth embracing;

How to create a perfect photo – especially of your newborn – is a task that's been at the core of each new parent's conundrum. Parents always want to capture those intimate, heartwarming moments of a baby with their loved ones. And for this, you need a great set-up. But how can you get that perfect set-up that will ensure your photos are more than just good? How do you create the cutest photos of your new born?


We searched for those perfect looking blankets, swaddle blankets and could never find what we wanted at an affordable price. So we set off to find it for for ourselves and friends would ask us to buy it for them. Here we are a few years later sharing it with you all. Hope you love!

Mom of 2, wife of 1!



Thank you to all our loyal and loving Snuggle Blankets customers!


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